Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Twilight journey....

Some of you would already known but recently I wasintroduced to the world of is a wonderful place filled with Vampires, werewolves and love...

My friend Janelle, wonderful girl she is :), told me basically the whole story of Edward and Bella...though she tends to say too much but I was I asked to borrow them and went nuts reading it as fast as possible, the story is just so engaging and the aurthor is a Mormon (totally awesome) so that was even better..

The books are as follows... (again I realise people already know...well some do anyway)

1. Twilight

2. New Moon

3. Eclipse

4. Breaking Dawn

I am currently on the fourth book and am really sad that the journey is coming to an end....I wish that Edward and Bellas story could continue is so good :) I am totally addicted!!! Lol but my friends have been really good with me as they are themselves addicted :)

Since I have started reading it is amazing to find out how many people have read them and love them as well.... who knew so many people knew about these awesome books...if you haven't experienced them then you need to go and read them...Now!!....Go!!!...

You will love them as much as the rest of us..! :)

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melandpeter said...

Hey Lisa,

Every girl in my classes at school seem to be reading it too...I'm gonna buy a copy of twilight tomorrow to see what all the excitement is about. I love fantasy novels so it should be good.
You'd be excited about the movie being released in Dec this year I bet!

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