Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ten Commandments for a Returned Missionary

  1. Thou shalt always remember that though thy formal mission has come to an end, the Lord is still thy companion. For it is through His companionship that thou shalt find strength to conquer all challeges that may come into thy life.

  2. Thou shalt always remember that thy mission was the best two years of thy life, but only up to this point. For far greater things lie before thee and not behind thee in thy life that pertain to the kingdon of HEAVEN.

  3. Thou shalt remember thy sleep schedule and thy study habits that thou hast learned and cultivated while on thy mission and not forsake them. For they shall be of great worth unto the maintaining and strengthening of thy testimony to the level that thou hast become accustomed.

  4. Thou shalt also remember to use these habits in thy schooling and vocation. For they shall help thee to have good grades and excel in all thy endeavours.

  5. Thou shalt always strive to keep thy spare time and activities productive and uplifting and avoid mindless activities. For it is in an empty and idle mind that Satan shall have his greatest power and influence over thee and on thy testimony.

  6. Thou shalt always remember and never forget that Satan still desires to have thee his, and will use any and all means to accomplish this goal. For with his understanding in thy heart, thou shalt be blessed with awareness and the determination to avoid the temptations that he may lay in thy path.

  7. Thou shalt be patient with thyself in moments of temptation. For this is part of the plan of happiness and thou can not become like thy Heavenly Father without opposition which gives the oppurtunity to oercome thy weaknesses.

  8. Thou shalt exercise patience with thy family and thy friends for their lack of testimony and commitment to the gospel, or at least thy perception of it. For while thou hast been in constant service of the Lord, they have been living in the world and sometimes do not show the enthusiasm that is in their heart.

  9. Thou shalt always remember and try to have service as a central focus in thy life and attend the temple often. For these acts of service shall continue to give thee a love for the people that thou art around and help thee to keep the closeness with thy Saviour that at this time seems to be missing.

  10. Thou shalt commit thyself to date often and spend an enormous amount of time in the company of members of the opposite sex. For in doing this thou shalt be led to thy next companion that shall accompany thee to the Celestial Kingdom.

    - Author Unknown -


Nettie's Blog said...

After reading this post i am trying to figure out if your brother Ryce is home or not... can it be 2 years already...surely not?????
loved catching up your blog Lisa... love the randomness of it..just keep it up will you!!!!
Love seeing pictures of Darcey..soooo cute...

Jess [Bradbury] Wheeler said...

Naaw! Commandment no. 10 is awesome. And having married an RM, i can testify that these commandments are pretty accurate!

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