Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's in a name....?

I personally love my name....Lisa D'arne Travers. It rolls off the tongue and how cool is my middle name! I found out when I got my birth certificate for my passport that I am actually supposed to write my middle name like this: D'Arne. Who knew? I don't care because I like it with the little 'a' better.

My family kinda has a thing with names...My Dad was named after his father. My Mother's middle name was given to my eldest sister and my Father's middle name was given to my eldest brother. My sister also has the same initials as my Grandfather, who has since passed.

I have never been able to know many of my grandparents, I only have one left. It is through their names that we are forced to know them. My grandmother (Dad's mother) for instance has a truly awesome name. Francis Dorothy Buggins...that is until she married my grandfather and became a Travers.

It's funny how we associate ourselves so strongly with a name. It is part of who we are and it is our identity. Though I love my name, I look forward to one day taking on the name of my eternal companion. I also look forward to taking careful consideration when naming any of the children I hope to be blessed with one day.

Names are funny things, but if you didn't have one, who would you be? It's part of who you are...embrace it, even if your parents were crazy enough to name you after a's just another little piece of who you are.

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I am Elle said...

this was inspiring - seriously! It's totally true. WHO would you be if you didn't have a name? and YES, I think people should take consideration - as you will - in naming their children!!

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