Wednesday, October 20, 2010


How cute is this little face?

This is her "how cute are you" pose

Let me introduce you to my one and only niece Darcey! She gets cuter every time I see her! Unfortunately she also gets a little brattier but that can usually be overlooked. I don't get to see this kid nearly as much as I would like to. You see my family live 3 hours away and I have a lot more responsibilities here than I did last year. With 2 callings at church, university and 2 jobs I keep myself fairly busy.
Darcey has had a lot of medical problems in her few short years. She used to have to have a nasal gastric tube but now she has a tummy peg. Which is SOOOO much easier to use! and you can actually see all of her cute face instead of something more like this:

Kinda looks like she has no nose right?!
But hey let's face it...the kid was still cute as back then as well!! :D As soon as that tube came out she instantly looked older.
Either way I love this little girl SOOOO much! and I am her Favourite Aunty Lisa :D Though my sister will beg to disagree with me there. he he he
Oh how I would love some more nieces or nephews!! *Hint Hint*

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