Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Exams are over!! :D YAY!!

I say this with so much pleasure! :D I have been so crazy busy with exams and essays over the last couple of weeks that it has been amazing to just waste the day away today. I have done a few things I needed to do but I have also just enjoyed some music and chilled. It has been wonderful! :D I officially love this feeling.

I can't credit getting through this on my own. It's been a very hard semester for me but I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and that I have been seriously blessed.

You'd think I would do something nice after finishing my exams but I was so exhausted that it was nice just to relax. I had lunch with my friend Janelle (who also finished) and 2 of our friends from Devonport, Hannah and Kim. It was good to see them :D Afterwards Nelly and I did a little shopping, then I had to go to work.

I only had Ethan to look after today so he helped me out with the final touches on the Operation Christmas Child boxes. We took them to the drop off spot and got mini frozen floats from McDonalds (they are bliss!).

After work I went for a walk with Jess, had some dinner and then fell asleep watching a movie at her house. After being woken up I headed home and went to sleep straight away and slept for 11 hours. Not what I had planned to do but it was AMAZING!

Today I haven't done a lot but it has been good. I am relieved to have a short break and then next week start Spring School. Should be interesting!


Jamie said...

Wow! Congrats. There is nothing like being done with finals after a long semester. Enjoy your break time. :]

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

yay for exams being over... I feel like I have ones just starting up now...boo.

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