Friday, March 11, 2011

Little stories and Happy Birthday Mum!!

I love my Dad. Now I know this is a birthday post to my Mum...but you'll understand in a second. (yes, we spell Mum with a 'u' in Australia)

I called my Dad this morning to find out what kind of flowers my Mum likes so I could send her some for her birthday. Well....the man is useless because he didn't have a clue! Great help there...NOT! So I just ordered some that I thought would be really nice for her. I miss my mama and wish I could be celebrating with her.

Anyway, my Dad then proceeds to tell me a story about my niece... this kid is seriously cute and has finally decided to say my name...when I'm around. She used to actually refuse...Me: "can you say Lisa?" Darcey: "No". I have proof that she can...little cheeky monkey!

So the story: Darcey walks into the kitchen to find my sister Erin drinking out of Mum's Diet Coke bottle. She then proceeds to yell "Mum! Mum!" (she calls my Mum, mum and her mum, mummy. We all say mum too much so she got a little confused on the name she should call her...we're slowly changing that by always calling her Gran when Darcey is around). Then Darcey goes and finds mum and drags her into the kitchen to show her what she'd found. All she said was "Mum", points at the diet coke bottle, then "Erin".

Gotta love that cutie! She is always looking out for people. I usually get in trouble if I am using Dad's phone because she'll yell at me "Pop", while pointing at it.

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!! Love you xoxo

(the flowers I ended up choosing)


Cullis Family said...

Classic! You can't keep secrets when you have kids around.

Kate Weber said...

What a sweet post! Happy birthday Lisa's mom!

Your niece is so cute! I want to pinch those chubby cheeks!

Holly said...

happy birthday to your mum, im sure she loved those flowers!

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