Monday, April 4, 2011

100th Post!!!!

Happy 100th post to me!!

With such a big number, my blog deserved at least something a little special...

but I like to be different so...

Here are 100 things that I hope for:

1. An Eternal Companion (i.e husband...but forever)
2. Children...not everyone can have them and I will feel super blessed if I can one day
3. My parents to be around for my children...I have only 1 living grandparent and the others have been gone for a long time.
4. The quick arrival of my niece or nephew...causing some troubles for my S.I.L
5. Wars to stop...I know it's cliche but I really hope we can stop fighting each other one day
6. To go to Japan
7. To visit the world
8. To feel comfortable in my own skin
9. To feel confident in speaking Japanese one day
10. To find more work to pay for things
11. To finish my Bachelor of Arts
12. A lot more nieces and nephews
13. My little brother to go on a mission
14. To learn how to sew better
15. To finally finish my knitted blanket
16. To learn to crochet
17. Pay my parents back the money I owe them
18. To get more followers :P
19. All of my siblings to find an Eternal Companion
20. Human rights to be enacted and upheld everywhere
21. Friends to stick around for a long time
22. Many more blog posts
23. Continued freedom...I feel so lucky to be free
24. My house to clean itself...I can hope, never gonna happen though :P
25. Families to be united
26. Better organisational skills
27. People to have the food they need
28. Japan to recover from the earthquake and Tsunami
29. To complete my 101 in 1001
30. To make a difference in someone's life
31. To remain close to my family as we get older
32. My children to be close with their cousins
33. To be a good mother
34. The strength to overcome the difficult times
35. A good last name to change mine to one day...I don't want to be stuck with something bad
36. To learn sign language
37. Be financially independent one day
38. To take more photos
39. To dream more
40. Remain fun all of my life
41. Always show people that I love them
42. Never get too old to prank someone
43. Be more confident around others
44. Stress less
45. More opportunities to dance in the rain
46. A life lived to the fullest
47. Motivation on my off days
48. Good dreams that last longer
49. Beautiful days to appreciate
50. Awkward moments to make me appreciate the comfortable ones
51. Rain to keep everything growing
52. Not care what people think of me so much
53. Not get annoyed as quickly
54. Try new things all the time
55. Stop and enjoy the good times
56. Always keep my testimony
57. Go on more treasure hunts
58. Get over my fear of I don't freak when they're in the house
59. Own my own house
60. Believe in the goodness of people
61. Not judge others
62. Be my best self
63. Never stop loving movies
64. To go to Conference in person
65. Meet up with International friends again, at least once
66. To see the good in people before the bad
67. Be more patient
68. To never stop learning or growing
69. Someone that loves me for all of my faults
70. The opportunity to give out Operation Christmas Child boxes
71. Serve others in whatever way I can
72. Be proposed to in a unique way
73. Never lose a child...I admire those that can make it through it
74. To be a dork's just more fun
75. Never regret anything
76. Never hold on to the past
77. Meet a famous person
78. Never take things for granted
79. Keep singing in the shower
80. Not be caught dancing around the house
81. Never stop getting excited when I get snail mail
82. Be less afraid to introduce myself to new people
83. An easter egg hunt this year
84. To be more selfless
85. Always smile
86. Be a good friend
87. Always realise when I have done something wrong and fix it
88. To always feel matter if they are good or bad
89. A song to always sing
90. Never let someone stop me from being who I am
91. To always strive to be fair
92. To see less faults in myself
93. Live to see my children grow up
94. Never forget the people that have changed my life
95. Live up to my heritage
96. Always have someone to hug
97. People to be charitable
98. An excuse to dress up
99. To break stereotypes
100. Most of all...I hope you made it through this list :D


Summer {athena in the middle} said...

let's learn sign language together. wait, is that even possible? over skype? hahah.

Rebecca said...

lol!! haha about the above statement! i made it through your list~!! i hope they all happen/ don't happen and you especially get your easter egg hunt ( just go where Darcey is and there prob will be one!!!)

Jess said...

Love this idea!!! And they are all fantastic!!!

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