Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gratitude Sunday

This is really turning into my favourite post of the week :D
I love recapping all the blessings I have and it just makes me happy thinking bout it all.
Even if I've had a crappy week I think just think of the positives :D

This week I am grateful for:

- Funny women in Relief Society and church in general
- My SIL leaving her facebook signed in so I could have fun
- Having the first cuddles with my nephew out of my siblings :P
- Promptings
- Trying to explain to my niece that her new chair was hers but her old one was now Eric's...such a funny moment!
- Making up a random dance with the girls I look after
- Playing dress up with the girls I look after to said dance :D
- Time spent with Kat finding random little shops
- Being able to is my latest addiction
- not getting sick from babysitting sick little kids
- Cute puppies to look at
- Playing favourite classic boardgames with friends
- Being able to sing in the Expressions of Easter Fireside at church
- Choir practices being done...even though I'm glad it was all worth it
- random facebook moments
- Finding out friends are engaged! :D Seems to be the season
- Finding out people are pregnant! :D Even more exciting
- always
- Creating new habits and sticking to them
- Realisations
- Learning new things
- Mothers...they are all funny :D
- My brother lending me his car


Aspiring Millionaire said...

Always fun trying to explain things to the older sibling, lol.

Nettie's Blog said...

Do you know what i am grateful for???? You beautiful Lisa ..Thank you for babysitting my Grandchildren and making it so much fun for them...i am sure grateful for your willingness to babysit when they had the "Plague" as well....blessings for service are you dont get the "plague" yourself...XXXXXX and yes that Aggie is a cutie

Nettie's Blog said...

I still owe you for that!!!! x Chels

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