Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day and Gratitude Sunday

Hey Mama!! Happy Mother's Day! :D
You don't like I've had to whip out an older one that you will allow me to show :P

This week I'm grateful for:

- My Mum
- Nanny
- Gran...even though I was too little to remember her
- Cuddles with innocent that child is
- The Relationship course they're running at Church...I'm learning heaps
- Being able to think for myself
- Movies that make you keep thinking after they're finished
- The half English, half jibberish my niece comes out least she's trying :P
- A new determination to be better and work harder
- Women that become mothers...that is one hard job!
- A cold that makes me appreciate being well
- Little compliments
- Time with family
- More work this week
- Funny ads for entertainment
- Great friends
- A house to live in and my needs being met
- answers so many questions
- Reading in the park
- Dessert competitions where I brought the same thing as Zoe :P
- Little projects from across the world

1 comment:

Dree said...

What a nice picture of your family! I'm totally into family photos. Your gratitude list is just like mine.. Especially the Google part, haha!

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