Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gratitude Sunday

Firstly, as a follow up to yesterday...

Kat and I didn't have cool fact I can't even remember if I did dream. Sad news really. I was looking forward to crazy dreams. we're thinking about trying it again...but with more cheese!


This week I'm grateful for:

- Friend's that suggest and try out random things with me
- a really fun road trip with 3 other awesome friends...ahh the memories
- Being able to see Nathan off onto his mission
- Being alive and having a body
- Chewing's ok until you get some real food
- Roast dinner at Jess' parents...with yorkshire puddings!! YUM!
- Being able to get what sleep I can while I've been sick
- The opportunity to learn about my family history and get a unit towards my bachelor
- Somewhat of a plan for the next couple years
- New Understandings
- Great discussions at church
- Warmth
- My Mum and Sister driving an hour to give me some family history stuff and only really seeing me for like 10mins (they're the best!!)
- My cute niece talking to me on the phone...and showing me the tv on the iphone, even though my phone doesn't have video least she tried! ha ha

1 comment:

Jess said...

Yum, yorkshire puddings.... so want more... could always make some tomorrow night...

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