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Gratitude Sunday Series Guest Blogger: Stephanie J

Hey People,

This week I am really pleased to present our next guest blogger...Stephanie. I love her blog and once you've read her post, please go and check out her amazing blog. She is super fun! :D


Hi Friends!
It's Stephanie @ Stephanie & Such and I am thrilled Lisa asked me to participate in Gratitude Sunday. Why? Because sometimes I don't count my blessings enough. I focus on the negatives and forget to remember everything I DO have going for me. Not only that, Sunday is my favourite day for reflection. So fancy that, that today is Sunday! So thanks Lisa for letting me share the things I am grateful for!

On of my favourite quotes (okay actually just google it. But is it my NEW favourite quote) says,
"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it"
- William Ward -

Awesome right?
Well, you ready? Huh Huh?
Here you go :D

1. Health. Now that I am an adult (when did this happen?) I realise how important it is to stay healthy. And what blessing it is to have a healthy body! Life is good.

2. Mother Nature. I am such an outdoors girl and could probably go on about this topic for a while.

3. Family! My parents always taught us that family is #1 and no matter what they will always be there. I am so grateful they implemented this into us kids, because my siblings are my best friends!

4. Going off the last one: My parents are THE best. I am obsessed with them. They will drop everything for me. It is such a blessing to know at the end of each day that they love me and want the best for me.

5. Kids! Umm hello, I am a kid lover. My nieces make me feel so important and so cool (Instant self esteem booster). Love them.

6. Work. Wow, did I just say that? But seriously. I am grateful that I have a job. I am so much happier in this new environment that I am working in, I am actually happy and excited to go to work! When I was in Washington, I didn't love my job. It was a hassle. People were rude and snoody. Here in Utah though? It is seriously awesome. I love everyone I work with and have so much fun every day.

7. Diet Coke! Yep. It's the simple things people.

8. My younger brother Scottie! This kid is serving a two year mission for our church in San Fernando, California (where a lot of celebs live!!) hoping to bring people closer to God. He is having a blast, and has reminded me that religion is an exciting thing! And I love this picture of him because missionaries are often seen riding their bikes!

9. America. So cliche, but so true. It amazes me that people do not live in such a privileged country as we do.

10. Technology. Although it can be evil, the internet can be a beautiful thing. It can be uplifting and inspiring.

11. Chick-Fil-A. World's best fast food (basically the fries have the trump card).

12. TV: ANything involving the Kardashian's (sad I missed Khloe's Vegas party), Gossip Girl, Modern Family, Lost and Dateline.

13. My Straightener. See this post.

14. My bed. No joke. So cozy. I get so excited to jump in it at night! Who doesn't love a good nights rest??

15. Road trips! I love seeing new places and faces. Wanna go on one? I am DOWN.

16. Church. I love going to church each week to be reminded of the things that matter most.

Do you like how my list got shorter and shorter? Ha ha. But still, I was glad I did it. My life is great! and sometimes I need a good little reminder. Wether it's in my journal or on my blog, I am totally participating in Gratitude Sunday from now on and YOU should too!

What are YOU grateful for??

Thanks Lisa! You are the best! Can't wait to read next Sunday's post!!


How seriously awesome and gorgeous is Steph?!

Just a couple things I'm grateful for this week:

- Bonfires with friends
- Sunday afternoon relax time
- Trials...they wouldn't be called that if they weren't difficult.
- Camp outs in the lounge room
- Hugs :D

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Stephanie and Such said...

Thanks Lisa for letting me apart of this! You are awesome. Such a healthy reminder for us all to take a few minutes to write what we are grateful for.

You are awesome! Hope Austrailia is warm and sunny :)

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