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Gratitude Sunday Series Guest Blogger: Jen Baggiero

Hey Everyone!
Another guest blogger today...sorry this is a little late...Today has been pretty busy.

Hope you enjoy!

A little intro on Jen:

Jen from Almost Grown-up: Reading, Writing, and Adventures in Quasi-Adulthood

Jen is a 2010 graduate of the University of Central Florida, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. She has unfortunate addictions to diet sodas, Chapstick, and books. She blogs about her daily life, random thoughts, reading, and writing. She’s currently working on her first novel, but is looking forward to starting a new project very soon. Visit her at

Now on with the show...

First of all, I'm grateful that Lisa is letting me guest blog! I've never blogged anywhere but my own site and the Page Turners book blog before, so I'm very excited.

I'm also grateful...

...For $5 Tuesday movies at my local theatre. It is so hard for me to part with my hard-earned money; I’m constantly resisting the temptation to throw my money at them and sob “Take it! Just take it!” (I just want to see what would happen). But I love to go to the movies and $5 is much easier on my wallet than the usual ridiculous $9-$10 ticket.

...For the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 and Pottermore! The movie was amazing and I’m happy that Pottermore is working to keep Harry and the gang livin’ on.

…For the Library and my new Kindle, which keep my IV of books coming at a steady drip.

…For entertaining tweeters, authors, bloggers, and vloggers. I’m sure you have your own favorites and don’t need to hear mine.

...For 20SB’s Vlog Day, which actually made

me want to do another vlog when I actually have the time.

…That Chapsticks are inexpensive. I’m beginning to think I have a problem.

…To live (for one more week) in a city that has anything I could wish for: my university, a major downtown area, tourist locations galore, shopping, museums… I could make this list longer, but I’ll spare you. There’s enough to keep me busy. Let’s just leave it at that.

...To my parents' friend, who had supplied both them and me with many good, sturdy moving boxes. And they’re from Barnes ‘N Noble! Which makes me feel bookish, giggly, and strangely giddy.

…That I was actually able to sell my (too) low-impact exercise bike so I didn’t have to move it!

...To have friends who are willing to let me invade the

ir space for the month between homes so that I'm not entirely homeless. I may change my address for the month to:

“Jen The Futon in the Living Room c/o Ashley and Katie”

…To be debt-free since my parents instilled a deep and worthwhile fear of debt in me from an early age. I still remember my dad giving a Career Day speech when I was 10 and mentioning a stereo that took him years to pays off. I was wide-eyed with horror. That was why we had that ugly stereo? (We still have it, by the way, only I’ve now grown to appreciate the fact that it still functions this many years later)

...For a family that is always there for me

…For parents that are also my friends.

…For friends that make me laugh. All the time.

...To have figured out a way to save my money so that I can be a home-owner someday.

…For my flash drive, which allows me to transition from computer to computer, writing with ease.

...For my degree. As much as I make fun of myself for “wasting my time” studying English, I think it's made me a better writer.

...That I've finally figured out a crucial piece of my unfinished NaNoWriMo novel from last year. I really believe that it's only because of perseverance.

...For a renewed determination to write. The more I read author accounts of conventions, tours, and readings, the more determined I become to live that life myself someday.


Thanks Jen for sharing with us some on the things you're grateful for.

Go check out her blog :D

This week I'm grateful for:

- Being able to go to Sydney for the weekend with my Mum and Sister for Time Out For Women (It was AMAZING!!)

- The Gospel...really grateful for that this week

- Life is all too quick and I want to make the most of it

- Facetime with my niece

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Cami said...

Great post :)

I did a similar "gratitude Sunday" on my blog!

Happy Sunday!


<3-Cami from First Day of My Life Life

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