Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesday all ended

Or did it??

Tuesday I went to see the last Harry Potter film...and I really liked it :D


While most people are mourning the ending of the film series...which kinda ends it all. For me however, I've never read the books.
Now don't freak out!
I know! I know! I'm deprived, I'm insane, I'm...*insert appropriate adjective here*

So I guess for me..I'm only really half way through.
I really need to read the books now so I can fill in all the gaps and help me to appreciate the story more.

My friend Nelly is always telling me to read them...but I couldn't get into the first one. Probably didn't give it the chance it deserved. you still hate me??

I'm gonna give it a go...and I think I'll even tell you about the journey as I go :D


Cami said...

I hate that you've seen HP without me. ;) I haven't seen it yet. AHHHH!!!

<3-Cami from Serendipitious Life

Melissa Blake said...

I haven't seen any of the HP movie or read the books. Maybe I should...seems everyone likes them! :)

Have a lovely day!

Lotti said...

Haven't seen the last Harry Potter film yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I've enjoyed them all and know this one will be just as good as the rest.

7upkels said...

READ THEM. that's all i've got to say! Read Read Read and you will be hooked. PS. I don't even think you're crazy, I just started them about a year ago, and the hype didn't disappoint me at all. There's a reason HP is an obsession! Because they truly are so good!

Makayla said...

my jaw was on the floor reading this!!! DEFINITELY read them. Best books ever. There is so much more than the books. Nuff said.

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