Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mysteries at the apartment...and random texts

Twice since living in this apartment I have gone outside to hang clothes on the line and found a whole bunch of feathers...


Case in point: 

29th April
16th August

The first time it was ALL over the backyard...the second time it was just in one area.
If you can solve this mystery for me...that'd be great!
Coz I've got NO idea what is going on...

To continue the random theme...

I have been getting random text messages from my SIL Jay about my niece and nephew. Which I love because I hardly get to see them. 
Eric was very active in his little video and Darcey decided to cut her hair tonight! ha ha

I also get random updates from my friend Kat who is currently in America.
Seriously funny little updates.
You should check out her blog of the journey here


Lotti said...

Maybe a neighbours cat killing a bird and that's the left over feathers ??? Just a theory.

Maz said...

That's easy - your neighbour has a cat. I'd know that crime scene anywhere!

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