Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gratitude Sunday Series Guest Blogger: Mandy Voisin

This week I'd love to introduce you all to Mandy!
She is one seriously beautiful and talented girl.

I first fell in love with her blog when I read the story of how she and Kevin (her hubby) met.
Part 1, 23
GO read it now! :D

Here's Mandy:

Things I am grateful for:

1. Waking up to my husband's messy hair and smiling face every morning.
2. Living in a country where we can worship any way we choose.
3. Literature. The good kind.
4. My body that allows me to move and experience life on this earth.
5. Homemade popcorn every night - it's a ritual.
6. My education. Nothing has ever made me feel so fulfilled. 
7. Seasons that add variety. 
8. Nature and all of the beauty that accompanies it.
9. Poetry.
10. Sisters


Isn't Mandy just awesome and sweet?!
Thanks for guest posting! :D

Some things I am grateful for this week:

- Getting my ipod back safely...serious blessing!
- Little comforts
- Skyping with Kat
- Extra work
- Being alive


Also a special mention today to all those affected by the 9/11 attacks of 2001. Today, 10 years later so many are still affected. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have that families can be together forever and that those who lost love ones can be with them again.

My thoughts go out to those affected by September 11, 2001.


anna said...

love the image!
and love all of the gratitude!!


Makayla said...

i love it :) I love gratitude sunday in general. I read their meeting story - oh. so. cute!!!! :)

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