Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gratitude Sunday

Firstly Happy Father's Day!! :D Especially my own dad, aka Papa Smurf and my Heavenly Father.

This week I am grateful for:

- Skype sessions with my family, even if my niece does crack it because she's sick and my brother does weird things.
- Dancing sessions in the lounge room to random songs
- Cookies!! Taste so good, but so bad for you 
- The spider on the wall above the shower not crawling down!
- Spring! 
- Jess and my new tradition of toasting seasons :D
- Getting to celebrate Nelly's birthday
- Taking a trip around Hobart on a double decker bus and realising I have so much to explore right here
- Starting a Christmas project for a family member
- Getting extra work, such a blessing!
- The primary kids...they are too cute!! Well most of the time :P
- Sleep! I am forever grateful for that!
- Reminders
- Opportunities to face my fears, like getting 5 mins notice to teach a lesson in YSA sunday school
- A very nice e-mail from a friend and know who you are :D
- LIFE! :D

1 comment: said...

Ok, before I forget, I noticed that you're Australian, and you're talking about Spring, when it's about Fall over here in the US.

Does that mean you have Christmas in the Summertime, or how does that work?

Alright, to what I was actually commenting about:

I'm interested in doing a guest post, on anything really. I'm also doing a 'Day Zero' list, so that could be a start.

If you want, you can just look at a few of my posts on my site to see if you like my writing.

I'm also following your Day Zero list, and have been for a while. I love looking at other people's lists, it's a hobby. Geeky, I know.

Anyway, hope to hear back from you.

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