Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pet Peeve #1

A dripping tap! 


It's one of those things I just can't stand hearing. Even if I'm lying in bed I'll get up to turn it off.

Jess can attest to this because whenever we camp out in the lounge I can't sleep until I get up and turn the tap off...I think it's a problem!

I could be tortured so easily!

What are your pet peeves? 


Proud Dad To Liberty said...

People who don't respond to polls or questions I ask on Facebook regarding my site, even though I KNOW they get them. They just don't respond, and I never know why.

I'd even be happy if they told me to stop sending these damned emails and requests. At least it would be an answer.

In house, it would be when my wife nags the crap out of me over every little thing.

Cullis Family said...

This is totally one of my pet peeves, I'll get out of bed to turn a dripping tap off too!

melandpeter said...

So many pet peeves. I think the English teacher in me rears it's ugly head when I see bad grammar etc. I especially hate when people write 'Then' instead of 'Than' e.g. I like x better then y...ahhhh! he he. Enjoying your blog Lisa! x

lolliepop said...

ummmm, people saying ohhh for the number zero! O is a letter in the alphabet people..... zero is a number. sheesh :-(
But I have heaps of peeves. I am so bad. lol

Dree said...

I hate dripping taps! Other pet peeves include: warm soda, odd numbers on volume settings [that's a strange one] and people who text when they're out to dinner. I'm going to think of a bunch more and get back to you!

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