Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Who I Am Wednesday

Welcome to my new series!
It's not going to be weekly like the Gratitude Sunday Series, but when it does happen it will be on a Wednesday. 

So the gist of the series is all about Who I am. The many roles I have and essentially what makes me Who I am. We are so many things, to so many people.
There will potentially be an opportunity later to get to know who some of you are.
I also will be posting occasionally the I'm a Mormon messages.

Today's Who I Am is:

I am a Student

FYI: No I don't talk to my lecturers/tutors like this...promise!

I have been a student since I was 5 years old...ahhh the good and bad things that come along with it :D
Currently being a student is very stressful.

However, even though I am finding it hard to be motivated, I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be able to study and learn.

At University I study Japanese and Asian Studies in a Bachelor of Arts and hope to be a high school teacher one day by completing a Masters of Teaching.
I have also studied Politics, French and Family History while at Uni.

I should *fingers crossed* graduate in the middle of next year :D

Are you a student? Tell me about it. What do you study?


Vulnavia Gura said...

I like, it means less pressure for you to post everyday because you have a sub-theme slotted in

Jac Lambert said...

Sounds good, I noticed you didn't put learning from your parent's at all... haha... jokes
I'm a student (well, deferred) doing Fashion Design, but I hear Asian Studies can be really full on! GO YOU!

L!$@ said...

@Jac - Yeah I have learnt a lot from my parents, but that'll go in a different post :D

lowercase letters said...

hey lisa!
i'm cracking up over this quote. too funny! :)
happy day! :)
mem <3

Holly said...

i actually wish i was still a student!

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