Sunday, October 23, 2011

Expect the unexpected!

So after delivering pizzas for 5 hours tonight I come home to relax before bed...

Little did I know I was coming home to this!!

Can you see my friend Jacinta hiding??

Jess was bored and so she decided to fill my room with I did for her birthday last year.
She couldn't do it all herself so she enlisted Jacinta to help, who only lives 3 apartments away and she jumped out at me when I went into my room.

I scare SO easily! Just ask anyone that knows me!

If you want to see a few more pictures and even a video reaction (it's embarrassing), head on over to Jess's blog

The moral of the story...always be prepared for something. 
Especially with friends like mine :D


Lotti said...

That's really cool Lisa ..... I love balloons, don't love them popping, but love the look of them. These are so pretty.

Makayla said...

this is awesome :)

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