Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gratitude Sunday Series Guest Blogger: Makayla Graham

Hey Everyone, Today I'd like to introduce you to an awesome girl from right here in Tassie.
We share the same birthday, so from the beginning she just HAS to be awesome!!
She also is studying to eventually be a teacher, like me.
I guess we are both pure awesomeness :D
Say hello to Makayla!


Hey there everyone, isn't Lisa just awesome? :) 
I'm Makayla, i am the face behind Makayla Graham Photography. I also have a personal blog. 
I am so excited to be a guest blogger in the Gratitude Sunday Series. I am seriously SO blessed, but also super busy and need to take more time out to be grateful. 
Here are some things that i am grateful for (in no particular order):

- Awesome, fabulous, amazing friends who are SO much fun, who make me laugh and who know me so well 
- The freedom that we have in our awesome country  
- The ability to get an education and to follow my dreams to be who i want to be (a teacher & a photographer) 
- My family. They are a little but crazy but i love them ;) 
- The Book of Mormon. This book is seriously awesome. I love reading it! (i have posted a challenge over on my blog at the moment actually if you want to check it out ;) 
- Sunshine! It makes me happy :) 
- My great-grandparents, they are seriously awesome - i love them to bits! 
- My nursery class at church - they are the cutest little kids! They constantly make me laugh, and also surprise me with the things they say and do, i love working with them each sunday.
- Amazingly strong relief society sisters whose example inspires me to do and be better. I love my sisters :) 
- My photography - it gives me a creative outlet and a chance to make something pretty. Taking pictures makes me happy 

And i am especially grateful for this last one: 
- My faith, without it who knows where i would be. I am very grateful for the gospel in my life and the blessings & teachings that it brings me

To celebrate gratitude, if you book a photoshoot with me in November you can recieve a 40% discount. Just tell me when you contact me that you saw me on Lisa's Gratitude Sunday Series :)

You can find me at my personal blog

So what are you waiting for??

Go check out Makayla's blog...and if you live in or are soon visiting Tasmania, take her up on that discount!

This week I am grateful for:

- Seeing happiness in people's faces, particularly their eyes
- Kat finding an echidna in our front 'garden'
- Evaluating my life
- Blessings
- Life Lessons
- Music, for every mood
- Church...made me think a lot today
- Getting to sit with my Bro & SIL in church
- Seeing how cute my Bro is with children...oh man they need to have a kid soon!!

1 comment:

Maz said...

An echidna in your front yard Lisa???! Cool!!! I love seeing random wildlife.

Good list there Makayla :D

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