Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Help

Firstly, if you haven't already, watch this trailer. You will not regret it!

Now that you've done that...go and see the movie!
I have been waiting to see this for some time now and am so glad that I was able to tonight.
*last night we attempted, but something broke on the projector*

I hate when people spoil movies by saying all the good/bad things that happen, so fear not, I will not being doing that now.

I will however say that I LOVED this movie! It is an awesome storyline and I am definitely going to go and get the book now. Can't wait!!

My favourite part:

"I is kind
I is smart
I is important"

Definitely won't ever forget them and what it represents.

If you've seen it, did you like it?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

im really hoping to get to see this soon! after moving to norway i feel i miss all the movies that typically i would get to see pretty quick in the US :(

great blog!

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