Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day
(October 15th)

As I mentioned the other day my mum lost a little girl between my younger brother and I so this topic is close to my heart.

Unfortunately many people experience loss in miscarriage and losing their infants at a young age. 
I can not even begin to image what pain this causes. 

I have both known people and read stories of this nature.

You too may know people who have experienced this and if not then you can take a moment to think of those out there who have had this type of loss in their lives.

I know that Heavenly Father knows and loves each one of us individually.

Please take a minute to visit this website about what this day is all about.


lolliepop said...

Not something you like to think of too often, but somehow also so close to your thoughts.
It is heartbreaking to lose babies.
However, their is a reason for all things not matter how sad.

Thanks Lisa


Lotti said...

I don't think people realise how hard this can be when someone loses a baby, particularly when they miscarry. Every child no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy it is still a life, that is part of your life. Thinking of all those out there today who have experienced the loss of a baby. Nice website link Lisa.

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