Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who I Am Wednesday

I am a sister
To these four awesome people:

Erin, Adam, Ryan, Me and Rhys
At the temple for the first time all together

I'm glad that now we are all older we get along more. Yeah we fight, just like most siblings.
But we also love each other :D


She's the oldest of our bunch. She and I are exactly 7 years apart. So sharing a birthday wasn't much fun growing up because we would fight. But when I was in America last year for my birthday it freaked me out not sharing it with her. She is a very talented singer and loves the Wizard of Oz.


He is the 2nd oldest. Bit of a rebel in his younger days. Now he is the father of 2 gorgeous children and he does a great job. He likes to go cycling and sailing. We both love the Smurfs. He works in my dad's pharmacy and is married to Janita (Jay).


The middle child. He served a mission for our church in Kiribati for 2 years. He is over 6 foot tall. Luckily he lives down here with me so I get to see him fairly often. He has been married for 8 months. He currently works as an orderly and is married to Amy. Hopefully supplying some more nieces or nephews soon!! A girl can dream :D


He is the baby of the group. Always full of funny things to say. Farts too much and thinks it's hilarious! He plays the guitar, very well I might add. He is going to be a pharmacist like our dad. We nearly lost him in a car accident just before his 7th birthday. Definitely glad to still have him around :D 

I also have a half sister Tammy who was adopted before my parents met and while I don't get to see her often, when we do it is a lot of fun and we have a ball.

Waiting in heaven in also a younger sister of mine. I didn't get to spend this earthly life with her, but I look forward to meeting her in the next life and love her dearly.

Then there are the in-laws:


Married to my brother Adam and the mother of my niece and nephew. Also a Smurf lover and a fellow Queenslander. Really good at drawing, as well as making and decorating birthday cakes.


Married to my brother Rhys. Mother to Fross...her beloved dog. Obviously also lives here so I get to see her a fair bit too. She is a nurse and a darn good one at it. She also likes to play badminton when she can.

Can't wait for my sisters and little brother to get married to add more to the clan...oh and one day my own husband of course :D

I love them all so much!! I can't even begin to describe how much!!

How many siblings do you have??


Lotti said...

Hey Lisa, now you know how your mum and I felt all these years. We never fought about having a birthday on the same day ..... I actually loved it. I miss not getting to spend our birthdays together. Nice post.

Jac Lambert said...

Oh boy you put a smile on my face!
I love your family too (funny that haha) but I love them becasue no matter how much time we spend apart, when we do see each other it's like non of the time ever happened! love it!
And yes, Ryan is HILARIOUS!!!!

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