Saturday, November 5, 2011

Out living life...

I just realised how many days I've missed...sorry about that!

Thursday was my last exam for this semester! Oh what a joy that was :D 
I actually got giddy because I was definitely over that whole situation.
I had lunch with Kat to celebrate. 

Then Thursday night after work and a quick dinner with Rhys I was able to drive home to my parents house to see my family before I go to Japan for my Summer program...on Wednesday...oh boy it is all happening! 

My nephew Eric is all smiles...even when he is sick! Such a trooper!

My niece Darcey is such a character and very switched on to what is happening.
She comes out with the funniest things sometimes!
and always pulls funny little faces...

She has also become my alarm clock...yelling the house down with 
"Liiiiiiiissssssaaaaaa!!!! Where's Lisa??" 
Now that Pop is back, I have become second best...
he loves it!

Had a good chat with my little bro today. Just chilled out in the guest room and watched a TV series and chatted. Then we made lunch together. Such a sweetie that one!

It's been a jam packed couple of days, with a significant lack of sleep...

so I am off to bed!! Night :D


Lotti said...

I had no idea that you were leaving so soon for Japan. I knew you were going, just not right now. What a little cutie Eric is ... gorgeous smile. I have to say Darcey looks VERY HAPPY in this photo (NOT)!! She's funny on the phone when she talks to me. Have fun in Japan. xoxo

Maz said...

I can't believe you leave so soon!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! It will be amazing.

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