Friday, November 11, 2011

So far in Japan...

Hey Everyone,
Just a quick hello as I don't have my computer with me and am on the school's one.

So far in Japan I have:

- Almost been hit by someone on their times :D
- Attempted to speak Japanese, though very broken for an entire day
- Walked for 2 hours around Fukuoka
- Been the only one in the group to bring my host families address with me
- Slept like a dead person
- Dreamt about trying to translate a whole bunch on sentences...and woke up very tired!
- Had a shower, Japanese style :D

Well that's it for now as we're about to have a welcome party.

1 comment:

Lotti said...

Okay, so funny Lisa. Love your description of all that has happened so far. So tell me how do you have a shower Japanese style ? I am guessing whilst your Japanese might be broken now ... after a few weeks there things will become a bit more 2nd nature. Being in the country and emersed in the culture is the best way to learn the language ... you have no choice but to speak it.

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