Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What did I eat for lunch today???

Just kidding! I knew what I was eating!

And it was DELICIOUS!! 

280 Yen Ramen...Don't mind if I do! 

Works out to about AUS$3.50 and worth every cent.

You get to sit at a cool Ramen bar and they give you the food and then you can add spices and things to it and then you eat and get out. 

It's cheap, quick and was very funny :D The 10 students that went, took up half the place.

I love Japan!

Did I mention that yet???? :D


Cami said...

OH wow interesting...so many restaurants there serve ramen? So interesting.

Glad you're loving Japan :)

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Espionage-Caterpillar said...

Holey socks, I miss Japan and Ramen!
Eating there is so cheaply delicious - the expensiveness of Australian food, drink and particularly ladies shoes really appalls me now :(
Japan spoiled me!
Looking forward to seeing more food updates, Lisa :D

Lost&Found said...

I've never been to Japan (unless you count the airport) but i can imagine it's a BEAUTIFUL country. And that soup, looks delicious!


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