Thursday, December 29, 2011

2 weeks

It's been 2 weeks since I returned from Japan...
this is rather a depressing thought :'(

I loved my time in Japan!! 

So today I present to you just some of the many things that I learnt while in no particular order!

1. Being stared at for an average of 1.5 hours a day on a train and countless times while walking around helps you to get over your insecurities and just roll with the whole situation.

2. Learning a language while in the country that speaks that language is the BEST way to do it! I can not even explain how much you pick up just being there!

3. Be more adventurous with food. Sure there are times when this comes back to bite you but in most cases I got to try some amazing food. 

4. Be more adventurous in general! I found that I was a bit more confident in Japan and was more willing to try out new things. It's good to be outside your comfort zone. Occasionally :D

5. You get out what you put in. I realised how much effort I should have been putting in earlier! Especially with studying the language and really getting the basics cemented in my head. Would have helped me out a lot more in situations. It also helped me to get motivated to study harder this year.

6. Making mistakes is ok. I made plenty while in Japan. I also just learnt to laugh it off and when you don't know how to say something...just try...or look it up in the dictionary and go from there.

7. Everything can have a little musical tune attached to it... I swear SO MANY things had little tunes in Japan. The street crossings, the vending machines, the school clock, the real estate agent down the many things! I had a love/hate relationship with this. I loved it...but then sometimes it starts to get on your nerves...such is life.

8. Hand gestures and body language can be your best friend! There were times when my hands were doing the talking in trying to describe what I wanted etc. Judging people's body language is also very useful...particularly when selecting people to stop and ask questions. 

9. Some times acting like a tourist when you are one can be a lot of fun! Plus you can get away with doing weird things and not caring what people think.

10. Life is meant to be lived. I really realised that the things that I want to do while I am young and don't have children need to be done now. I am quite free at this point in my life and I really want to take advantage of it. I changed some of my goals and had a lot of time to really think about the things that I want to do. 

These are only a few of the things that I learnt from my 5 weeks in Japan. It has been a real eye opener to me and has changed me for the good. 

As the year is coming to an end I have been evaluating my most people do this time of year...and have made some plans and have some ideas flying around. 

Over the next year you will be hearing about them. 

Not long now till 2012...bring it on!


Lotti said...

Great post Lisa. So good to hear that going to Japan has such a good impact on your life. These experience often help to change our lives for the better and it sounds like that's what's happened for you. All worth it I'd say.

busy bee lauren said...

That is SO awesome you got to go to Japan! I have a friend living there, and I love to see her updates on instagram! Looks like a lovely place.

Holly said...

so great!

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