Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Week

Welcome to Christmas Week!
Everyday this week is going to be something related to Christmas! 
It is my favourite time of year after all :D
I also have missed half the month because I was in Japan and it didn't really feel like Christmas yet.

So to get things rolling...

Tonight I went to a YSA Christmas Family Home Evening
My Bishop took the message.
He reminded us about the real meaning of Christmas and what we should be focused on.

He shared this gorgeous video

We had a few snacks after and I found a cute Aussie wreath

After this Family Home Evening I headed over to my brother and sister-in-laws house for the end of their one. 

And to end the night I headed to Kmart with Kat, Jess and Zoe...where there was a massive 
Christmas Tree!

Oh this week is going to be awesome! Here's to a week filled with all things Christmas


Lotti said...

I've been having trouble with feeling the Christmas spirit this year, but I'm sort of starting to get in to the swing of things now. Thanks for sharing about Christmas Love ya xoxo

Kendra said...

1- I love that video and 2 - those cupcakes look amazing!

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