Saturday, December 17, 2011

An interesting little day...

It's been a full on busy day!

- Slept in today...oops. Really need to stop doing that! 

- Once I got up we had some primary kids over as Jess is the Achievement day leader.
- watched The Muppets: A Christmas Carol
- Had a candycane hunt
- Had fish and chips for lunch and chilled at the park

- After the kids left Jess and I attacked the weeds that have over taken our garden
- I got sunburnt :'(

- Was really tired from spending so much time in the sun and accidentally fell asleep

- Woke up 15mins before I needed to be at work...Lucky it's just down the road!

- Worked from 6-11pm

- Went to the supermarket for a quick shop before Sunday

- Now I'm watching The Holiday and getting ready to sleep

Jam packed and full on! It feels good to be busy again...besides study!

1 comment:

Lotti said...

Sounds like you've been heaps busy since you came back. Sleeping in is okay if you have nothing else to get up for .... I'd love the sleep in sometime.

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