Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brothers say the funniest things!

Today I had lunch with my older brother and he came out with the most random thing.

He sure was excited for dessert!
"Heaps of people don't know that we're brother and sister. I just hope people don't think we're on a date"

We don't exactly look alike so a lot of people don't know that we're related and it is really funny when we say "love ya" and get the funniest looks because he's married.

If people thought we were on a date I would be weirded out, because we definitely don't act like it!
Especially considering one of the waiters tried to be flirty and make a joke...which was just really awkward! Seriously seriously awkward!

Oh bro, these are good times. 


Blanche said...

he he funny story.

Maz said...

whoa, was that really dessert??! And did he eat the whole thing??! Whoa.

Maz said...

Or is that just a close-up of yours? hahahaha because it looks HUGE!

Catherine said...

brothers are just...the best.
that's all. :)

melandpeter said...

ha ha ha. Your brother is a dude! We've had that dessert before - though I don't remember it being that big!! x

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