Monday, February 6, 2012

Epic Weekend

We begin the weekend on Thursday night when I finished work at 9pm...

I had to drive up to Devonport (around 3 hours away) to be with my family for the weekend. 
Part way up I got sleepy so I decided to stop and have a power nap...on the side of the was seriously creepy! I could barely see anything for ages around me...thankfully I survived, or this would be a seriously short post and you would all be creeped out because I was writing from the grave.

Moving on...
So I arrive at my parents around 12:30 or so and find most of my family playing Halo...random! It eventually reached 2:30 and I was ready for bed but apparently some people weren't and they were playing games in the room I would be sleeping in. By this point I am just plain cranky and snapped at them, ended up sleeping on the couch upstairs and wake up the next day in a foul mood...

Cue cranky don't want to know her...I don't even like her.
So after snapping again at a few of my family members we ended up at Wing's Wildlife Park.
This is where I apologised and decided that being cranky is just stupid and I needed to stop.
We did the usual; fed the animals, watched others being fed, walked around, saw a few baby animals, fed the troops and danced to a bird's call...the usual :D
*Mum wrote about that day on her blog if you want to have a little read and see my photography *feet pics onward* that she stole...little thief! ha ha*

Saturday we started much earlier and headed to Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm for some brunch.

Chicken burger with Raspberry Mayo and Pesto
Raspberry and Lemonade
While we were waiting for food I played with my niece in the little playground and cubby house. We also just chatted and then played a bit of soccer. We were entertainment for the few other people that came out just when we finished eating.

From here we went to the Westbury Maze and spent a little while finding the centre and then getting out again. I kept swapping which family member I was going with. I also took over pushing my nephew around on the way out so my SIL could go find the centre. The maze was barely big enough for a person to walk normally through; most of us were walking partially sideways. 

The heat was getting to us all so we headed down the road to the famous Andy's Gelato. We all got two scoops of deliciousness...I had Anzac Biscuit and Chocolate Hazelnut. Sharing is caring so we got to try each others. We gave my nephew the lemon gelato to see how he reacted and he screwed his face up.

Then we drove back home and decided it was swimming time. We left the parentals at home because they were too tired and headed for the local pool. After a couple hours it was closing time and time to head back home. I didn't realise just how many freckles I had until after my shower. Nothing like spending a day in the summer sun to bring out those babies. 

After we had all showered and were comfy...I opened a bottle of lemonade straight from the freezer and it exploded in my face.

Epic I tell you, EPIC :D


Catherine said...

Sounds like fun. I think I might get claustrophobic in that maze!!

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melanie said...

mmm the food looks DELISH.

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