Saturday, April 14, 2012


Are you a fan? Do you watch it?

I love the show. Not so much for the people, but I love the challenges! 

I have been following along with this are the contestants this time around.

Some of them I really can't stand...and thankfully a few of them are gone already.

This show is in it's 13th year, with the current season being its 24th, with a supposed 2 more seasons
still to come.

After thinking about the show for a bit I spent WAY TOO MUCH time looking up various videos of challenges, tribal councils, twists etc

I love it all! A bit too much drama most of the time, but if I were an American citizen I would totally try out for it! 

Seriously look a few up if you like the show...there is some hilarious and awesome stuff out there!

Oh and check out the Wikipedia has SO much information.


Rachael @ Jangles Quilts said...

We are fans! I've been watching this seasons and there are some people I really want to go but they just seem to be hanging around. I'm also a little disappointed that they now repeat so many challenges. I'm always hoping they will do something totally new but I guess after 22 seasons its a bit harder :)

Kayla Christie said...

YESS i love it too, have watched most of the seasons following america with this season and watching it online think there is like 8 or so ppl left?? I really liked jay and i cant believe they totally blind sided him!! booo. so gladdd colton is gone!! he was soo mean.

Anonymous said...

its strange that i never got into this show. my mom is like hardcore with it, but i never caught much of it! perhaps i have some catching up to do! hope you had a great past weekend!

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