Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lazy Days

So I had my last exam on Friday and I've been enjoying the days since...without any guilt!

Sure I've been to work a couple of days...but only for a couple of hours each.

I was able to go home for almost a week and it was nice to chill out with them and have a few good chats with my siblings. It's funny how our relationships have changed over the years.

I've also loved the extra sleep...I get seriously stressed during exam time and don't sleep properly at all. It was nice to be normal again....somewhat anyway :D

Now that I've had a few lazy days, I am going to start working on a list of things I have been putting off or have wanted to do for ages but study got in the way of.

I have till the 11th of July to find out my results and so I am going to start getting on with it.

Starting with a few little presents for my pregnant friend.

I think I'm going to enjoy the holidays! :D

Except when not long after I wake up I hear a strange male voice in my apartment and walk out in my pj's to find a young electrician fixing my thermostat....that was slightly awkward :P

Other than that...bring it on!

1 comment:

Maz said...

Haha love the awkward moment! It's nice reading your post as I'm having a lazy day - I've been a bit stressed lately, but I'm not even sure what about??! So I've decided I just need to take it easy a bit more! It's nice :)

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