Friday, October 15, 2010

Breathalisers and Maccas Runs

So Jess and I were out driving last Friday night and as I was coming around a corner there was suddenly a breathaliser set up. I was coming to a stop when the cop yells at me to stop. I didn't say anything to him (though I may have had a funny look on my face) but I did to Jess later...started off on another bad case with the cops until...his machine wasn't working so he called over another older guy. I did the breath-o and then... he says really loudly "Holy Crap!!" with the most serious face ever! I think to myself when the heck did I ever have a drink...when he changes his face into a huge grin and says "just kidding, you're right to go". Oh well Jess and I lost it laughing, plus the look on the other coppers faces when he yelled out was priceless.

We managed to come into close proximity with about 6 or 7 cop cars that night alone.

(Just 2 of our copper friends :P)

The night got even funnier when we went down to Maccas in Kingston and the guys in the drive through were purposely stuffing up our order. By the end of it we were all bursting out laughing and the guys could barely serve us. Plus the manager (who was in on it) was trying to take the next car's order without laughing. It was hilarious!

Sometimes the funniest things happen when you least expect them to! :D

1 comment:

Jess said...

All up it was a awesome night! my cheeks and tummy hurt from so much laughter!
Random times are the BEST!

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