Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gratitude Sunday x2

Well people, t's that day again...and this time I have 2 weeks worth of things to be grateful for so I'll just give you some of them. Could be here a while otherwise.

The last 2 weeks I have been grateful for:

- The Atonement
- Easter: to remind me of the blessing that the Atonement is
- Easter egg hunts...they are SO much fun!
- My brother and SIL coming for a visit with my niece and nephew...cuddle time :D
- YSA camp...I didn't enjoy all of it because I was in a weird mood but Sunday was definitely my favourite day.
- A girl's night in with Jess and Kat
- Homemade face masks...interesting things
- Fastbreakers :D
- Awesome chats with unexpected people
- Simple pleasures
- Doctor Who Season 6 starting up :D
- Motivation to clean my inspection will do that
- Friend's who know me
- Honesty
- Trials which will make me stronger
- Sleep
- Being able to get my car fixed
- Having the opportunity to walk more places
- Sunshine
- Family...parents who check to see I'm doing ok
- International cultures
- My abilities
- My weaknesses...because I will make them strengths

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