Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A little Easter Weekend Retreat

So if you are one of my regulars that takes the time to read the crazy little things I say then you will have noticed I have been missing for almost a week now.

Well that's because...

Thurs 21st - I had some awesome homemade sorbet after Institute and a good old fashion chat with a group of friends. Awesome fun and very insightful.

Fri 22nd - I had a girls night at Kat's house. It is truly amazing there. We watched a movie, used some homemade face masks :D Always fun. Chatted. Squished into one bed...Hello middle girl! and just enjoyed time together. We even played the Game of Life...didn't have the best life that time around...thankful that wasn't reality!

Sat 23rd - Had breakfast with Kat and Jess...homemade waffles :D DELIGHT! Then headed out for the annual YSA camp. Had a flour bomb capture the flag game and dance that night.

Sun 24th - Easter Sunday. Well I had an amazing day. There was church in the morning, followed by an amazing lunch! Thank you Sean and Lisa!! Followed by my favourite fun part of Easter, the egg hunt! Agggghhhh I just love it! Got some good eggs too :D Then we had workshops in the afternoon...after which I was able to duck out and have dinner with 2 of my bros, their wives, my niece and nephew and my brothers in-laws. Then it was back to camp for the Testimony meeting, camp fire style. It's hard to explain spiritual things to people, they have to feel it for themselves to know. So trust me when I say it was amazing.

Mon 25th - bright and early start for Anzac Day dawn services. I like that I have been able to go to these more and more over the years. I really appreciate living in a free country and there are so many people that have fought to provide that for me. Then we cleaned up Mount Nelson Primary School's yard. I got to use the wheelbarrow :D I love it. Then I got to spend the rest of the day with my family. Which is always fun!

Tues 26th - I got my baby car fixed...she is running much better now. Such a blessing!! I also had the opportunity to walk from dropping her off and to pick her up. I think I need to walk more places. I was also able to go to the movies to see Thor...loved it :D

Today - well I think I should do a separate post for that.

So there's my recapped week.

But you may have noticed I didn't do Gratitude Sunday last week...that's because I didn't have internet while at this week I am going to recap all of the blessings from the two weeks...that's gonna be another big post.

Hope you made it through this :D


Aspiring Millionaire said...

Sounds like you had a great week. :)

Andrea said...

Wow what a fun week! Oh, I miss flour bomb wars. Maybe I need to bust one out sometime soon:) Hope you have a great weekend! Love your blog, just started following:)


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