Monday, May 30, 2011


I decided last night that today would be the start of a season of changes.
I managed to succeed in some areas and they are the positives I am going to focus on.

Funnily enough when I logged onto facebook this morning my Mum's status was near the top and went a little something like this:
"Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Every day is a chance to have a fresh start.......thankgoodness for that."

I couldn't believe it. I know that it wasn't just coincidence.

I'm a lover and fighter of change...sometimes it goes well...other times I resist and it takes me ages to adjust. This time I am determined to just keep going and enjoy the ride.

As Savannah from Hellcats would say:
"Positive outcomes only"

Speaking of changes...I love autumn!
I think I may even do a separate post of my leave pictures I've taken recently.
It's a whole season for nature to have a fresh start...just like me.


Jess [Bradbury] Wheeler said...

I can totally relate!
I've just been through my season of changes and it's working out great so far!
Be brave Lisa, change can be for the better ;)
Miss you hun!

Kell said...

I resist change.. always! So I know how you feel. Embrace it, though!

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