Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gratitude Sunday Series Guest Blogger: Jessica Andrews

Hey Everyone,
Welcome to the very first guest post here on L!$@'s Life!

Today I am please to introduce Jessica to you all. Being a follower of this blog has its benefits as Jess is offering some great discounts at her shop....but you'll have to keep reading to find out more.

Here we go, Welcome Jessica! :D


HEY everyone,

my name is Jess & I am half the brains behind booqi boutique, Kyle (aka the hubby) is the other half.

I love Lisa's idea of taking time out to be grateful. Sometimes life seems to rush by so fast (especially with a 1 year old) that I forget to stop and just take a moment to be thankful.

So here are somethings I am grateful for:

- I am truly thankful for my best friend,my husb
and, who is just perfect for me. (He encourages and supports my crazy ideas and never rubs it in when they don't work out so well.) For his steadfastness, his solidness & everything else about him.

- I am utterly (mostly) thankful for my gorgeous son who showers me with unconditional love, I am not a perfect Mum but everyday I look into his big blue eyes and it makes me want to be better and better just for him.

- I am grateful for the winter weather at the moment because it reminds me how I love the smell of rain, the feel of sheep wool on my toes and the taste of warm chocolatey goodness down my throat. (things which can happen any other time of the year but just seem that little sweeter in winter)

- I am unbelievably grateful for my other family (you know the ones) the sisters, the friends who should be sisters/brothers. For their stories, their laughter, their love. We move away from each other but I always feel like I am with them & they are with me.

- Lastly I am absolutely, most of all, thankful for the big man upstairs.

To celebrate gratitude, and to show you just how grateful we are to Lisa's readers. Drop by booqi boutique & after purchase just type *GRATITUDE in the comments section of your invoice and booqi will discount you 10% off. If you drop by booqi's blog and become a follower type in *GRATITUDE#1 to nab an extra 5% discount. *ends June 30th, postage not included.

Thanks so much, booqilove x

I few things I am grateful for this week are:

- Time with family (both needed and appreciated)
- having things to keep me busy
- understanding people around me

1 comment:

Jess said...

Congrats on you first guest blog of the Series Lisa. And love the heartfelt list Jess.

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