Thursday, June 9, 2011

You make me smile.....

1. This dog chastity belt...entertainment for the group of YSA donating blood!

2. My SIL's dog's puppies :D

3. These awesome old toys!

4. Yummy snack!!

5. My friend Leah's sign :P

What's made you smile lately??


Anonymous said...

parking in the iddle of an intersection and then stalling at a green light making the lady behind me honk her horn in angst against me. I how ever..laughing

Summer Athena said...

that sign is too much. i love it. and the puppy needs to be mine NOW. do you hear me?????? hahah.

Stephanie said...

THAT dog! SO cute!! I've been wanting a puppy for such a long time :)

have a great day,
xo Stephanie

Espionage-Caterpillar said...

Awesome! My sign is famous :D Thanks for featuring my sign, Lisa!

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