Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to School

Yep, you read it right...

I am back at Uni!!

Feeling surprisingly happy about it. Much more positive now that I am there. I have goals for this semester and I really hope to achieve them.

I have survived my first week and am now into my second. So far so good.
Looks like my units are going to be good :D AND...I am done with Winter school. Had the exam on friday...glad that's over. Hopefully did well, will find out soon.

I like being a student...and am looking forward to my Bachelor being over soon...then on to teaching :D That'll be interesting.

What was your favourite thing about school as a kid?
Mine was definitely going on the camps and excursions


Holly said...

i always LOVED the first couple weeks of school. elementary, high school, college, you name it.

Melissa Blake said...

That's awesome you like it. I like being able to choose my own classes! xoxo

Faith said...

My favorite part of going to school as a kid was probably being int he library...which is probably why I still spend so much time at the library as an adult.

Good for you, going back to school! It can be a hard leap to make. A lot of my friends have gone back after time off and the hardest part was just making the decision to do it and then it was easier than they thought, which is what is how it sounds it will be for you, too :)

Lotti said...

GOOD LUCK Lisa and hope that everything goes well with your studies. I think the thing is to stay positive as much as possible, and I know that's not always easy. Having goals is a great idea ... sometimes if you just stick to those goals you hardly realise that in the end you have actually achieved everything you wanted to.

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