Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Oh my am I glad I know about Etsy...I don't remember how I first got introduced but I sure am grateful!

It has been great for finding Christmas presents!
You see I don't have a lot of money coming in and it often goes to trying to pay my parents back, saving a little and paying some bills.
Welcome to my student world!

So I save for presents and most of them this year are coming from Etsy...wanna see a few of my favourite shops??

They are:

Ivie Made

Elise Joy

Paper Pastries

Can You Hear Me

In the coming weeks I will be doing a giveaway from one of these shops...check back to see which one it is.


Cullis Family said...

I love Etsy too, its awesome!

Makayla said...

i love etsy too - such awesome stuff :)

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