Wednesday, July 27, 2011


How many hours have you spent on YouTube?
Now be honest!

I know how easy it is to go from one video to the next and find that at least an hour has passed...or more :P

Here are a few of my favourites:

Just a few of the many, many funny videos one can find...

Are there any that you find particularly good?
Leave a link for me.


Remy said...

I spent a couple hours with my nephew once watching cat videos (because he LOOOOOVES cats!) but as for me personally, maybe about a half-hour or less.

Amy said...

I used to spend hours watching montages of favorite moments from movies. Recently I watched a bunch of harry/ ginny videos hahaha... kind of embarrassing. I honestly don't know how youtube watching ever gets started... It just happens!

Charlie Bit My Finger is definitely one of my favorite ever :)

Catherine said...

Good videos :) Youtube is the best way to put off studying for finals. Love it!

PS: Sent you an email, hopefully you get it :)

7upkels said...

Hahaha it's sad how easy it is to spend hours on Youtube. My mom is always sending me little kid videos which are always so cute :) And PS. I absolutely love Australia. You are so lucky to live here! I am going to come back again one day, it's just so lovely.

Mari-Anna said...

I actually don't spend that long on there...except when I'm watching mormon messages, I can spend hours watching those :)

But here's a couple of funnies for ya:
(all of simon's cat is good!)

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