Monday, August 1, 2011

Gratitude Sunday...the late edition

Sorry this is a little late...I have had a jam packed weekend...more on that is another post...

This week I am grateful for:

- My niece telling me like 10 times in one conversation that she misses me
- Fun walks along 7 mile beach with friends...and Winston (that dog LOVED it)
- Planning of futures activities at Kat's house
- Picking up my brother from the airport and unexpectedly getting Kripy Kremes!!
- Spending almost the entire day with Nelly :D
- Funny random posters in Banjo's
- Sorting out arguments
- Late nights playing on the playground in an attempt to not grow up
- Eating a Bubble O Bill for the first time in YEARS!!
- Getting to play around in the snow :D
- Surviving the climb up the mountain...not fit by any means, but I got there
- Hashbrowns for lunch
- Having food on a Sunday and being able to cook and bake for myself
- Knowledge of The Plan of Salvation (corny video but a basic outline)
- chatting with my girls

and so many more!
It has truly been a great week for me.
I have been more happy lately and am really enjoying it.


Also don't forget that you can be a guest blogger on the Gratitude Sunday Series!!

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