Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photo Booth!

How much fun is it??

Especially at like 1:30am...... :D

Oh yeah I can pout, wear a tiara and mask...
I crack myself up :D 
Jess's button bouquet 
I went to France...talented I know!!

Bottom left hand corner is a personal favourite :D 
Ahhh the many faces of Lisa :D
If you have a Mac, or know someone with a Mac...go use Photo Booth! 

Yeah I meant right now :D

You won't regret it!! 


Chelsea Parsons said...

our macs are full of crazy photobooth pics from the girls. I also find the weirdest movies they do.... you will have to get them to show you some...
this was all on your own?!!!

Laurie Scicluna said...

Why is it, when you plan to take photo's on photbooth late at night, you always finish in the early hours of the morning :S

alex said...

Ha, strange things can happen at 1:30 am when you have a mac.. :D

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