Friday, September 2, 2011

Eventful Day!

Firstly it was Nelly's birthday today!! YAY! Happy 21st Nelly :D 

To celebrate, I took her on a little 'British' themed adventure.


- Went on the Double Decker Bus tour around Hobart
which included:

~ British flags to waved around...made by yours truly
~ Random British facts
~ An umbrella...just in case it rained duh!
Secretly pretending we we really in England :D

- Ate British Candy

- Had scones with our lunch (mine the English Breakfast :D)

That girl is in LOVE with Britain! Loved her face when she found out what we were doing :D

Then tonight from 3-10pm I was working...2 different jobs.
First the kids, then Pizza Delivery.
Got $10.50 in tips! :D Helping out again. I think the store manager wants to hire me...
Also got my car stuck on a retaining wall on the last delivery...LONG story :P

Then Jess and I started a new tradition tonight of 'toasting' each season...literally :D
We are bringing out the Fronti for the first day of each season!

Hello Spring!! 

myspace graphic is done on

oh yeah...and I named my Mac... Eve :D Because she has a bitten apple on the front...get it :D
I know you love know random I am! 


Kylie Ofiu said...

Sounds like an awesome day! I didn't even know you have double decker bus tours in Tas. lol

Rachael @ Jangles Quilts said...

Sounds like a great day and I love the name of your Mac, its the kind of name I would choose hehe

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