Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MIA -----> Update!

Sorry I've been MIA over the last week...except for Gratitude Sunday.
Can't miss that!!

So you get an dot points and pictures :D


- Made candles with Janelle for the 1st time...apparently its her new hobby

- Took sparkler pictures up the Mountain


- Cleaned up my room and around the house

- Wrote my talk 

- Worked as a Pizza Delivery Girl for the night :D Fun Fun


- Gave my talk

- Helped in Primary

- Drove home to see my family and had an awesome roast dinner and pumpkin soup!
Thank you Mama!!


- Got my hair cut and caught up with my friend..who cuts my hair :D

- Spent the afternoon with my SIL and niece and nephew
Then later 2 of my bros

- Washed all my clothes :D Love that my parents have a dryer!

- Saw my cat, which is now moved to the new house, for the first time in like 2 years


- Say goodbye to the family :'( too short!

- Drive back to Hobart...with beautiful weather! Come on Spring :D

- Went food shopping

- Watched The Princess Diaries 1&2 with Jess

- Chatted with MJ for a bit

- Slept for a VERY long time...oops

So there's a quick recap of what you've missed! Now to get back to reality and knuckle down on a couple things!


Laurie Scicluna said...

WOW. You have been a busy bee this week. I saw those sparkler pictures on facebook. It looked like a lot of fun!!

Liz said...

Pumpkin soup! Oh my - I think that means Fall is just around the corner :) Sounds like you've been one busy girl!

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