Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gratitude Sunday Series Guest Blogger: Jessica Barnes

G'day peeps! 
YAY for my 200th post!!

So this week you get to hear from the girl I share my house with...
You've seen her before but I'll let her introduce herself 

Hey everyone!
My name is Jess
I am Lisa's AWESOME!!...random housemate & friend. 
I too have a blog, pop on over and say 'hi' if you like! Would love to hear from you all :)

So what am I grateful for this week...
  1. The Gospel in my life, and the blessings and teachings that it brings to my life.
  2. My family and friends, the examples that they are to me and the support they give me.
  3. My work, I love my job, sure there are days that I hate it or that I wish that I would strangle the people that I work with, but overall I love it, and I work with amazing managers.
  4. An amazing Chiropractor! We have a love/hate relationship, but over all he is awesome! Plus he is nice, and he's also really cute.
  5. My Curly hair, over the last few years I have really come to love it, and this year I have learnt to really look after it, curls are high maintenance!
  6. Going out to dinner to yummy places with friends!
  7. Being able to catch up with my amazingly talented cousin Lauren! So proud of what she has achieved in her life so far! Much more to come from her!
  8. Random times with Lisa, being in funky moods after work. Random moments of laughter.
  9. My blog, I love blogging, I am not a creative type of person, by this is my little bit of me, so I get to express myself through it. I also love how many awesome new people I have been able to meet through it.
  10. I am also grateful that Lisa and I get to see Kat this Saturday, after her 7 week trip to the US. She will finally be safely home and we'll be able to enjoy her company again, listen to her stories, have a girls night full of country music and American goodies!
Hope you all have a great week,
And thank you to Lisa for letting me guest blog today!!!


This week I am grateful for:

- My blog &'s an outlet and I'm grateful that you all listen to me :D
- really does lift the spirit!
- A loving Heavenly Father...I just need to put my trust and faith in him more
- Skyping with my whole family...that was one loud household!
- Ibuprofen...I hardly use it but needed it today
- A fun 'chill out' session with Jess & Camilla
- Being able to make it through the book for my Japanese Film and Text class
- Motivation!! :D a little more anyway :P
- The funny karaoke exhibit at MONA....still makes me laugh :D
- Both Jess & I winning a free Magnum off our late night purchase
- always! 

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