Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Dear Assignments,
You are out of my life for this semester! and I can't really say I'm sad about that

Dear Exams,
We will soon meet and I hope to conquere you as well

Dear Japan,
I am really excited about you but you are coming up way too fast!!
Dear iPod,
I am enjoying your new updates, especially being able to 'text' other iPhones and iPods when I'm connected to the internet. You are saving me a lot of money!

Dear Hart of Dixie,
You are definitely one of my favourite shows at the moment. Keep getting better!

Dear sleep,
I'm sorry I haven't seen you the last couple days very much. After both jobs tonight I look forward to catching up. For at least 8 hours...hopefully more! 
Dear People Ordering Pizza,
Please be nice tonight and if you can, I'd love a tip :D

Dear Dreams,
What's up with the weird ones lately?? It just freaks me out when I wake up and am trying to make sense of it all...nice ones would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Neighbours car,
where'd you go?? You haven't moved in the 8 or so months that we have been at this apartment and today you gave me the shock of my life when you weren't there!

Dear Brain,
Please retain all needed information for exams and then Japan...I will love you forever!!

Sincerely, Lisa xoxo

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Candace Stevenson said...

haha dear life slow down, PLEASE I love this. funny post, lady :)
Lovely Little Rants

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