Friday, November 25, 2011

Quick Update

Since I suck at blogging while here in is a quick run down of the past week...

*WARNING!! Lots of photos*

Monday 21st:

- Happy Birthday to my old man :D
- A bit of shopping at Loft...where you find the oddest things.

Anyone need a lucky poo?
- I managed to find some awesome Christmas lights!! I love Christmas!! :D

- And discovered that they'd put a Christmas tree up at school :D

Tuesday 22nd:

- Was a little less exciting
- Basically school and study
- Oh and a random washing machine that ended up in the classroom....

Wednesday 23rd:

- Was a holiday here in idea what for though!
- I slept in! Might not sound amazing...but it was so nice to get a decent amount of sleep!
- It was raining a lot so I spent a lot of time indoors
- Aika came home after she went to her friends house and showed me...the CHRISTMAS things she bought!

Thursday 24th

- Saw a cop giving someone a ticket
- Ate Japanese Curry for lunch...
- Then was given it again at good :D

Today 25th:

- After school we went and had Onigiri (essentially a rice triangle with some filling and wrapped in seaweed)...pretty good
- Had Mister Donut...delicious...but not as good as Krispy Kreme

Very cute though
- Then we played some games at Round 1

Pick a level...any level
- It was here that I had photo booth photos with random school girls
- I also got free hugs from strangers

- Enjoyed some Mos Burger for dinner and had a great chat with Caylee and Shi Hui 

Another awesome week in Japan!

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Maz said...

hahaha LOVE the free hugs!! Good find!

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