Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Since being in Japan I have become addicted to...

Tully's Coffee House.

Well the iced and hot chocolate :D

See how happy it makes me :D

Caylee too :D

Sooo good!

There's even a guy who works there that recognises us...we're going to be friends by the end of this trip.

If you ever come to Japan, you HAVE to try Tully's. You definitely won't regret it!


melandpeter said...

Oh Lisa, you just reminded me of my recent Japan addiction. GODIVA. If you love Tully's you will go crazy for GODIVA iced chocolate. They have it in Tokyo and Osaka and and I'm sure other cities too. Where are you at the moment??

L!$@ said...

I'm in Fukuoka. Not sure if I've seen one but I'll definitely have to look out for it.

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